Catherine Eaton

Tiny Stories, Tiny Tales

Crumply Tweeds

I've been taking my time and meandering through “Random Commentary” by Dorothy Whipple. It's just slices and bits from her journals and it's a funny sense of life you get from it. I just read this and had a good laugh:

“I was introduced to H.W. Nevinson and E.M. Forster.  J.B. Priestely arrived and swept me to a drink. I found myself next to him at dinner, with E.M. Forster on the other side. E.M. Forster spoke.  He looked rather crumpled in a tweed jacket in contrast to the immaculate dress clothes of everyone else. Is this undress on his behalf a protest against something?”

After reading “A Room with a View” at least one thousand times, I couldn't help but find this pretty funny. Mr. Emerson, it seems, came to dinner.