Catherine Eaton

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drama queen

It's just one of those days. I came across wet dust rags on the pantry floor. Wha…..? The culprit?


Our little drama queen is either insisting that the nice cave-like covering of her litter box is impossible! she needs an OPEN litterbox OR the drama queen has a urinary tract infection. She's not one to pee outside the cozy confines of her litterbox.

The medical community both for humans and critters mocks us all. I'm supposed to retrieve a urine sample from the Fluffer. !?!??!?! I lock her in the bathroom, though before doing that, I have to pull everything out. Towels, rugs. Put in an empty litterbox, sans litter even. And leave her in there for seven hours. Starting at 8 AM till 3 PM when I take her to the vet. In the meanwhile, it is hoped that she will pee in the empty box or the floor. If she does pee on the floor, I have to syringe it up. !!! I begged a syringe off a Target pharmacist tech. I was so grateful for her generosity in giving me one because where the hell do you find syringes anyways?! But it doesn't end there, folks. I still need a fresh poo sample. The fresher, the better.

They mocks us. I tell you.