Catherine Eaton

Tiny Stories, Tiny Tales

the bug

I have the Martha Stewart bug. Yes…it has bitten hard. So hard that I occasionally contemplate making crafts for Halloween- a holiday that completely lacks in fond memories. I read her magazine and watch her show when I can and!- I made myself stop thinking about it today. There's only so much I can handle on the obsession clock. I believe my last obsession was Virginia Woolf (she sweeps through at least once a year) and Lord of the Rings.
Mystery! might be an obsession too but I prefer to think of it as a way of life. Jeff swears that every night I wistfully complain that, “I wish Mystery! was on.” I think he's full of fabrication on that one but who knows- Abby can't cast her vote so it'll have to remain a…mystery.

The move is on and we move on Friday over to Batavia. Nice little Batavia with streetlamps, buses and libraries I can walk to! I can walk to Burger King too which is always a bonus.
It's odd to be moving so close to my old house which we moved from when I was 13. The place I intensely desired to leave. Now I come back, just a block from it, and I am relieved to arrive.